New flame

Newflame revolutionizes the dating app industry by introducing double dates and a comprehensive date
booking solution, providing a refreshing alternative to the monotonous online dating experience. Our
branding captures their ambitious vision


Revolutionizing Swipe Culture...

The newly launched dating app, newflame, approached us with a spark of inspiration and a big vision.
They wanted a captivating brand that would revolutionize the dating experience and captivate users.
Without any established brand identity, we embarked on a thorough investigation to understand the
desires and preferences of singles. Collaborating closely with the newflame team, we created a brand
that exudes warmth, emphasizes connections, and injects a dose of excitement into the dating world.


Visuals Are Up Next

We used this information to design a logo that would make Cupid jealous and a color scheme that would
make a sunset blush.
We compiled everything into a brand bible that serves as a reference for the team and any future


Here’s What We Did

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