Nova Project Studio

Nova Project Studio is an exclusive project management firm specializing in high-quality services.


Project Management In The Interstellar Context

We partnered with Nova Project Studio, a boutique project management company specializing in
affluent clients. They approached us seeking a brand that would showcase their meticulousness.We explored the significance of the name “Nova,” derived from the term “supernova,” a celestial
phenomenon marking the final stages of a massive star’s evolution. This metaphor beautifully
represents the swift transformation and subsequent tranquility inherent in the services offered by Nova
Project Studio to their clientele.


The Revamp

For the logo, we incorporated the Greek letter “A” as a delta symbol to depict a supernova. The
uppercase delta (Δ) represents change, reflecting the firm’s essence.
Inspired by the immense expanse of space, the color palette used in the design relates to astronomy.
These colors were carefully selected to evoke emotions of wonder, motivation, and reliability.


Here’s What We Did

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