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Vivienne Westwood A Renowned Fashion Designer.

We collaborated with Vivienne Westwood on the branding and website development for their new
foundation, “The Vivienne Foundation.


Driving Change

The Vivienne Foundation, founded by a fashion icon, is a new non-profit organization dedicated to
combating injustices and climate change. They approached us seeking a memorable brand and stunning
Working closely with The Vivienne Foundation, we grasped their interconnected pillars of change:
addressing climate change, ending warfare, advocating human rights, and challenging capitalism. Based
on this research, we crafted a unified brand identity that effectively conveys these crucial missions and
Our visual identity design encompassed a thoughtfully chosen logo, color palette, typography, and
imagery that stir emotions of inspiration, activism, and hope. We provided guidelines for consistent
brand usage across all communication materials.


The Online Platform And Social Media Channels

We developed a user-friendly website that effectively communicates the foundation’s mission. The site
was created in Figma and built with WordPress.
After completing the branding and website, we collaborated with the team to create a social media
strategy and design numerous social assets and templates.


Here’s What We Did

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